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Eco fashion care

Discover the new way for caring and protecting your clothing, shoes & accessories. Nanex keeps your fashion items looking like new without the need for frequent washing.

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2022 nanex ecocare protect 185ml

Eco Protect

Our universal protective spray actively repels water, liquids and stains, thereby better protecting your clothes, keeping them clean and dry.
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Eco Fresh

A deodorising and refreshing spray that remains active for up to 30 days, preventing your things ending up in the laundry basket every day.
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2022 nanex ecocare fresh 150ml
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2022 nanex ecocare clean

Eco Clean

A specialised cleaner that removes all stains quickly and efficiently. The technology is specially designed so that the material is not damaged.
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laundry strips

Nanex laundry strips 29

Eco laundry strips

Zero waste, lightweight & easy2use laundry strips that clean effectively while supporting a sustainable lifestyle.