Eco Fresh 150ml

Discover freshness with our Eco-Refresher, a natural spray that removes bad smells from the air and fabrics. It gets rid of tough odors like sweat, urine, and smoke,…

Our unique dual-action formula stays active for up to 30 days, protecting your clothing from unwanted smells & body odours. After each use, it also leaves a natural perfume of freshly washed clothing, just like clean laundry.

By using our Eco-Refresher, you’ll lessen the need for frequent washing.

Ingredients: Biobased surfactants, Mineral based polymer, natural co-solvents, salts

  • Vegan & Biobased ingredients
  • Air-pressured bottle
  • Durable functioning
  • Reduces washings & ironing
  • Hypoallergenic

Environmental benefits:

  • reduces water waste
  • reduces microplastic leeching
  • reduced energy consumption
  • increases garment lifecycle