Eco Protector 185ml

Meet our Nanex Protect Spray, the ultra-thin and invisible protective coating technology. Once sprayed, it forms a thin invisible layer that shields against water and stains.

Use this spray to prevent stains on your fabrics, making clean-up easy and reducing the need for constant washing or dry cleaning.

By using our spray, you’ll keep your clothes and shoes in top condition for longer. This means less textile waste and more wear from your favorite pieces.

Our spray is perfect for items that aren’t often machine-washed, like shoes, jackets, formal wear, and dresses.

Ingredients: Mineral based polymers, natural co-solvents

  • Vegan & Natural ingredients
  • Air-pressured bottle
  • Durable functioning ( up 12 months. )
  • Reduces washings & ironing
  • Hypoallergenic

Environmental benefits:

  • increases garment lifespan
  • Reduces detergent use
  • Reduces microplastic leeching